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Guide To Selling A Property in Ireland

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Guide to selling your Home

Here at DNG Galvin , we understand that selling a property is a very big decision for our clients, many of whom have never sold a property before and have limited knowledge of the process. As part of our service as selling agents, we like to inform our clients about the process and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the decisions you will need to make. In order to help you understand the sales process from beginning to end, we have created the following selling your house that we hope will be of benefit to you.

Guide to selling a property in Ireland
Guide to selling a house in Ireland

Thinking about selling? Here is what you need to know

 Our clients have many reasons for selling, you could be rightsizing to a property that better suits your requirements, selling an investment property, relocating to another part of the country or even another country altogether, selling an inherited property, or potentially selling two or more properties to fund the purchase of a larger one.

Whatever your reason for selling DNG will be able to assist you with advice on when and how to sell your property. Our professional and experienced agents know that selling is always a big decision and they will be able to give you the information that will help you decide whether you want to proceed with a sale or not. The agent who you deal with will have a wealth of experience that allows them to give you the best recommendations on timing, and values and will also be able to give you advice on your next steps following your successful sale.

Property Valuation – How much is my property worth?

Once you have considered selling, one of the most important details is the market value of your property. While not the only factor in a seller’s decision-making process the VALUE OF THE PROPERTY does tend to be the most important and an early step in making any decision to sell.

In order for us to give you an accurate and detailed valuation of your property one of our experienced agents will visit the property to carry out an appraisal. This free, no-obligation appointment allows our agent to confirm, in person, the details of your property and will allow us to provide you with a detailed valuation and sales proposal. Our appraisal appointments generally take less than an hour and will include a physical inspection of the property and its grounds along with a one-on-one conversation with you about the property and the sale process.  Following our visit to your property, the agent will send you a detailed sales proposal document that will outline the expected value of your property along with the service you will receive from DNG Galvin should you decide to sell with us.

Moving Forward With A Sale

Having made the decision to bring your property to the market it is important that we complete some very simple paperwork before the property is advertised for sale. Your selling agent will write to you with instructions on the next steps which are briefly outlined below:

  • Complete paperwork confirming your appointment of DNG Galvin to sell your property. Your agent will ask that you provide us with some proof of identity documents which are a legal requirement and will invite you to sign a property services agreement which empowers us to bring your property to the market for sale and outlines our agreed fees and expected achievable sale price.
  • Appoint a solicitor to handle the sale for you. If you have already appointed a solicitor you should at this stage instruct them to immediately draft contracts for sale so that they are ready once you have accepted an offer. Your agent will be able to recommend a solicitor who specialises in property sales if you do not already have one.
  • Obtain the Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate for the property. It is a legal requirement that all properties sold in the state have this certificate (with some exceptions for listed buildings). 
    We can assist in arranging one for your property if you do not already have one.

Once the paperwork has been completed we can move forward and prepare your property for sale

Preparing Your Property For Sale

While every property is unique it is important to remember that most buyers are looking for a property that is presented at its best and will be encouraged to pursue a property that makes a good first impression. Generally, the first time a buyer will see your property is when they view the advertising that your agent has arranged. Our advertising campaigns include top-quality photography, digital walkthrough tours, and professional videos which will showcase your entire property to the buying public. Your selling agent will give you detailed advice specific to your property on how to prepare it for sale but in general, the following tips will help you have your home ready for sale:

  • Fresh and Clean â€“ make sure that every room of your property is cleaned thoroughly and in particular that the bathrooms and kitchen are spotless. If you don’t have the time to fully clean your property consider engaging a cleaning team, your agent will be happy to recommend one.
  • Bright and Airy â€“ not all properties are blessed with an abundance of natural light. Try and maximize the light in your property by ensuring all windows are clean and that all window blinds are functioning properly. To overcome an absence of natural light be sure that all lightbulbs are working and that ceiling lights have matching bulbs.
  • Appeal to the masses â€“ personal taste is important when it comes to décor but by ensuring your property has a neutral color palette you can expect it to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.
  • A Place For Everything â€“ having a clear and decluttered property allows buyers to see the space on offer and imagine themselves living in the property. Tuck away any clutter into wardrobes and storage areas and consider short-term storage if you have an abundance of furniture or contents.
  • Inside The Outside â€“ Your property likely benefits from outdoor space, from small balconies to expansive gardens it makes a big difference to buyers to see these areas well presented and tidy. If you have gardens make sure they are cut back, patios and balconies should be power-washed to freshen them up, sheds and garages should be tidy and accessible, and most importantly driveways and parking areas clean and empty to allow viewers to see the space on offer.

Marketing Your Property With DNG Galvin

Once your property is prepared it will be ready for photography and we will arrange an appointment for your selling agent to visit and take professional quality photographs, draft top quality digital floor plans, and where suitable a full 3-D virtual tour of the property. Along with measurements and room descriptions, your agent will use all of this information to create an industry-leading marketing campaign for your property. 

Once prepared your agent will seek your sign-off approval before launching the property on the market.

At DNG  Galvin we pride ourselves on our advertising campaigns and once you have signed off on our proposed advertising we can use all of the tools at our disposal to showcase your property to the buying public. We use the latest innovations to market your property along with tried and tested methods that we have been using since our very first sale to make sure that the largest number of potential buyers are made aware of your property.

What will follow will be physical viewings, bidding, negotiations, and finally a recommendation from your agent to accept the best offer achievable for your property. At all times during the process, your agent will keep you up to date on progress and will work with you to ensure scheduled viewings take place at a time and day that suits you and that all feedback and relevant information is brought to you.

Going Sale Agreed

Once your agent feels they have achieved the best possible price for your property they will make a reasoned recommendation to you to accept it.  It is your choice to accept or reject an offer, however, our agents will advise you based on market insights and extensive research to ensure you make a well informed decision.

Once an offer is accepted your property will go sale agreed and your agent will cease all viewings and request a booking deposit from the buyer. Under Irish law the initial booking deposit is fully refundable until contracts are unconditionally exchanged but we will hold the deposit in trust for you until the sale is completed.

Once the sale has been agreed you will receive a copy of a sales advice letter from your agent which will outline the agreed purchase price, the details of the purchaser and their solicitor, and the details of your own solicitor who will receive an identical copy. At this stage, your solicitor should be in a position to issue contracts to the purchaser’s solicitor and the buyer may wish to arrange a structural survey and/or a bank valuation for the bank (if they are drawing down a mortgage). We will arrange access for the buyer with your approval and ensure that things move forward at a timely pace. It is very important that you keep in regular contact with your solicitor, as will your agent, to ensure the sale is kept on track.

Exchanging contracts and closing

The final steps to closing your sale occur once the sale has been agreed and usually takes 8 to 12 weeks from the day you first accept the offer and go sale agreed. An executor sale can take a longer time to close depending on the status of the Probate application.  Your solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor will communicate regarding any queries on contracts and following the successful resolution of any queries, the buyer’s solicitor will present the contract to them to be signed and 10% of the purchase price (inclusive of the initial booking deposit) will be paid to your solicitor.

Throughout this period it is a good idea to keep in regular contact with your solicitor to ensure any queries are being handled efficiently. Once the purchaser has signed contracts they will then be sent back to your solicitor and you will be invited to sign.

When both parties have signed, the property is now sold and it is usual that the buyer’s solicitor will advise them to carry out a ‘pre-closing inspection’ either the day of, or before closing. This is to ensure that the house has been fully cleared by you and is in an acceptable condition for closing, this will be arranged through your agent.

Once that has been completed, your sale will be closed and on the day of closing, the remaining 90% of funds will be transferred to your solicitor, who will pass the payment on to you. The buyer can now collect the keys to their new home.

Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

Get in touch with us here at DNG Galvin.  Our expert property professionals can help you every step of the way.

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