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10 ways to prepare your property for sale

Selling your home can be be stressful, and especially when you start making it available to potential buyers for viewings.

Preparation is key. Here are 10 tips on how to prepare your property for sale

prepare your house for sale

10 tips on how to prepare your home for sale

  1. Speak to an estate agent and get a valuation of your property – Your first step is to find out how much your property is worth. Knowing the value of your property will help you to sort out your finances and plan your upcoming move.
  2. Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) – It is a legal requirement that all properties offered for sale has a current BER certificate. If you purchased the property within the last 10 years this document may be with the deeds but if not, you would need to commission one.
  3. De-Clutter and De-Personalise – Potential purchasers need to imagine themselves living in your house. One important aspect when getting your property ready for market is to showcase as much counter surface space and floor space as possible. Put things you don’t really use on a daily basis in the attic or in storage. Large pieces of furniture should also go into storage; this will make rooms feel more spacious. Key areas to focus on are: the hallway – clear away coats and any additional clutter; the bathroom – remove all personal items; the kitchen – clear the counter surface of appliances, biscuit tins, pasta jars and remove  tea towels and other clutter.
  4. First impressions count – The initial impression that your home makes is long lasting. Concentrate on first impressions, as a well-maintained exterior is an important part of showcasing your home. A tidy garden and freshly painted front door will give the buyer a lovely welcome. If you live in an apartment, do your best to improve the communal areas.
  5. Maintenance and Minor Repairs – Is there anything that might put off buyers? Can it be easily fixed? Go through each room and jot down a list. Consider patching holes in the walls, replacing leaky taps, and fixing doors that squeak or stick. Ensure all light bulbs are working. Eliminate mould. Remove weeds from gutters. Tidy the gardens.
  6. Freshen up – A fresh coat of neutral paint, new tiling or lino can do wonders to smarten up a tired-looking kitchen or bathroom. If you can’t stretch to re-tiling the bathroom, re-grouting should bring it up as good as new. Check your ceilings for water stains (fix the problem and repaint). To a nervous buyer, a damp stain caused by a minor leak in the past, raise alarm bells to your target market.
  7. Garden upkeep – If you have a garden, it is now seen as an additional room. Give your garden the best chance to be viewed as a space for relaxing and entertaining. Simple tips like mowing the lawn, keeping flower beds weed free and adding well stocked potted plants can make your outside space more inviting.
  8. Clean , Clean, Clean – If it is still essential that your property is clean and smelling fresh before every viewing. Getting professional cleaners in at the start of your sales campaign can really make the place sparkle and will be money well-spent. A gleaming bathroom and kitchen are fundamental as buyers rate these as important rooms in any house. If you have pets make sure you air out the property prior to viewings. Use ‘plug-ins’, scented candles or fresh flowers for a clean, light scent.
  9. Let there be light – Open curtains and blinds for more light and while you’re at it, make sure windows are washed and curtains and blinds are clean and hung properly. In summer, natural light can create a wonderful atmosphere and give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. In winter, make sure all light bulbs are working and have lights switched on for viewings during the day. If you have a fireplace have the fire lit as it will create a homely ambiance to your potential buyer.
  10. Paper work and Legalities – An essential step when selling your property is to liaise with your solicitor. Before a solicitor can prepare a contract for the sale of your property, he/she will need to request paperwork including; title deeds, evidence of compliance with planning obligations, an up to date map of the property, evidence of registration of services e.g. septic tank, your exemption cert for the NPPR (if it is your principle residence) and confirmation you paid the NPPR if it is an investment property. Proof that your LPT is paid to date and for the coming year.

Now you are ready to launch your property to the market

You have done all the hard work and you are proud. Your property looks its best and will stand out in the marketplace. The sales process should run smoothly as you have all the fundamentals in place. Now its time to reap the rewards.

If you are thinking about selling your home and unsure of the process,

Contact DNG Galvin estate agents and we will guide you through the process.

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