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Selling a house in winter: What you need to know

Should you sell in winter?

Are you ready to move and wondering whether to put your home on the market or wait for Spring?

Ready to Move? But …… not sure is this the right time for you.  My advice is there is no right or wrong answer – it’s a personal decision. In the current market buyers are out there all year round. We simply have too many buyers and not enough houses!

Selling your home during winter months…is a little different. Fret not, I have some helpful tips:

Selling a house in winter: what you need to know

Tips for selling your house during the winter

Stage Your Home For Winter

Keep it snug & cosy. Buyers love to view your home at its full potential so they can imagine themselves living there…. a lovely warm fire, winter spice candle, sofa throws never disappoints. You could even add a few green plants such as Peace Lillies and Boston ferns.


Let there be Light!.  Open blinds & curtains. Allow plenty daylight into rooms. Lamps and flameless candles are a great way to light up dark corners or hallways. Don’t forget to change dim bulbs! Exterior lights are essential for evening viewings. Buyers need to be able to find their way to the paths and garden!


There is nothing better than a warm house.  Turn up the heating system a few degrees before viewings to give the perspective buyer that cosy feeling. If you have a fireplace, light it before a viewing to give off some heat and add to the atmosphere. However, the sassy buyer will be looking for an energy efficient home. If your pre-sale budget can extend to a new boiler, possibly an energy efficient combi boiler, this will add value. If its too much cash too splash, an alternative would be a digital thermostat. This will allow a potential buyer to have better control over heating their new home.

Keep seasonal décor to a minimum 

So, you are wondering should you decorate your home? I would say yes but keep don’t go overboard. Avoid decorating over anything that a home buyer would want to see. For example, covering your banister in garland may look lovely but it will hide the structural and aesthetic aspect of your staircase.


In winter months, with rain and wind there may be more maintenance needed in the garden and grounds.  Small things make a big difference. To have your property looking its best, clear leaves from paths & driveways. Clean gutters and don’t forget to spread salt in frosty weather.  Bins… this is one of the most common pitfalls…. Don’t have bins in the front driveway.  Even when you don’t have viewings buyers could be driving past your property before they book a viewing.  Remember you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

In a nutshell, launching your property to the autumn -winter market, has its challenges but…. there are so many more benefits than you think. Look at selling your property in winter as your friend rather than your enemy.  Christmas is a magical time of the year so make the most of it and have mince pies ready for viewers.  Keep Calm. It is not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right. ‘’

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