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Renting a home with pets

Pressure grows to open up rentals to Pets.

Lockdown has shown the importance of animals to households, but many renters are not allowed to have them. Renting with pets is an emotive topic, often dividing landlords and tenants, for obvious reasons.

Tenants continue to struggle to find a home to rent with unaffordable prices and simply little or no rental stock on the market. A more silent issue tenants face is finding a rental home that allows pets.

With a greater percentage of people now renting than ever before we constantly communicate with prospective tenants who have excellent references and a secure source of income. However, a growing number of people have a pet companion which makes it even more challenging to find a home.

Imagine a family with a pet dog looking to rent a house. What do they do?

Naturally landlords want to reduce the level of risk attached to their investment and there is often more of a risk of damage to a property where there is a pet. This is compounded by legislation which means they are unable to reflect the heightened risk in such situations in the deposit that is charged.

Can we find a middle ground here?  We need to strike a balance between protecting landlords’ property from being damaged by badly behaved pets, while ensuring responsible tenants are not unfairly penalised.

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