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Preparing your home for sale. The outside.

Good use of outside space can make all of the difference when selling your home If you are thinking of selling your home,  making the most of your outside space really is important.  Buyers will have a choice out there.  I often ask my clients,  why should somebody buy your home rather than a house down the road?  Think about it.  Take a few moments.  Why should they?

preparing your home for sale

It doesn’t matter if you have a small backyard or the luxury of a large garden.  You need to be the best in your category.  You need to be better than your competition. External presentation is key. 

Lets start with the basics.

The front door and windows

Stand back.  Take a look at your front door.  Take a look at your neighbour’s front doors.  Is your door UPVC or is it a wooden door?  If it’s UPVC does it need a good clean?  If it’s wooden does it need painting?  Look at your door furniture.  Would it benefit from a quick polish?   If not you should even possibly consider replacing it.

How do your window frames look?  How about the glass?  Sometimes a good wash down or quick paint can work wonders.  Remember it’s all about kerb appeal. 

Your Guttering and Downpipes

Now you might be thinking this is overkill but, many buyers stand back and look at these.  If they are plastic give them a good wipe.  Maybe use a back to black spray.  Are they looking a bit rusty?  Look at using metal paint to give them a nice finish.  If it means hiring a decorator,  it will be worth the investment.  Check your guttering.  Do you have grass growing out of your gutters?  Ask the window cleaner to give them a good cleanout. 

Now let’s look at the garden 

The Front

If you are fortunate enough to have a front  garden, you really can make your home stand out from the rest.   You need to get pruning,  de-weeding, and buy some colourful plants.  Add some much-needed colour.  Paint the garden fence.  Paint the garden gate.  Hang the hanging basket or buy a nice modern tub to stand next to your front door.  Basically, you are creating a welcoming feel and making your home look better than the neighbours.  This is not about keeping up with The Jones,  it’s about getting ahead of them! 

The Rear Garden

How does your rear garden look?  Is it full of the kid’s toys?  Has the dog half-destroyed it?  Take a harsh look at your planted borders and the condition of your garden fence.  Does your patio need a power wash?  Could your decking benefit from a fresh lick of stain?  

Get weeding, strimming, staining the decking.  Put the  kid’s toys neatened away. Mare sure there’s an area where people can sit, relax and enjoy his barbecue. .  Buyers like a  garden, especially in the summer months.  Through experience on viewings, buyers can spend as long in the garden as they can in the house itself! 

The Backyard

Dressing your backyard can make a difference.  Even if it’s only small.  We can all do something.  We can make the most of the space we have. 

Power washing is highly recommended.  Give the yard a good scrub.  It will look fresher straightaway.  How do your fencing or boundary walls look?   Often painting walls white will brighten your outside space and often make it appear larger. 

Now you have done the basics you need to inject some colour.  Buy some pots and fill them with colourful plants or if you have the space create a raised flower bed.  Make the most of your kitchen window sill and create a small herb garden.  If you have a garden shed you could be creative and add colour by painting it, but keep it tasteful. 

Finally, create an area to sit out.  Even in a small yard, you can add a bistro table for two or a bench.  It’s all about showing that there is enough space to sit out and relax.  On a nice sunny day, pull the barbecue out.  It’s also about creating a lifestyle that the new owner can enjoy. 

If you would like some advice on how to make the most of your outside space to help sell your home, please ask us.    At DNG Galvin we are here to help.

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